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Ca an asling capall an tincear t'ar isteach.

We are proud to offer some of the finest Gypsy Horses in America.

What is a Gypsy Horse?

Gypsy Horses are a medium sized draft horse with a lot of feathers around their feet, long manes and tails, and they are well known for their flashy pinto patterns. They come in a range of colors, and patterns but the most common is black and white, known as piebald. The average size of a Gypsy Horse is between 14.2 and 15.2 hands though they can come in smaller and larger sizes depending on breeding lines. 

Where do Gypsy Horses come from?

Gypsy Horses come from the UK and Ireland. The breed has been around for more than 300 years and was developed by the Gypsy people, known as Travelers or Romany. Though these horses have been breed and developed over 100’s of years, it has been the last 50 or so years that they have really been refined and developed by the Travelers or Romany into the flashy Gypsy Horses we know today. There are not that many Gypsy Horses in the United States at this time, but with good breeding programs like ours, we hope the make theses horses more commonly known throughout the United States.

Why are there different names for the Gypsy Horse?

Gypsy Horses is the most common name used in America. They are called Gypsy Cobs or Cobs in Europe by the Travelers or Romany people. Other Europeans may also refer to them as Tinker Horses. In America, we typically refer to them as Gypsy Horses. Some refer to them as Gypsy Vanner Horses, which is nothing more than a well marketed trademarked name by one man and his registry. There is nothing special or different about the name Gypsy Vanner Horse than any other name, it is just another name for the Gypsy Cobs or just simply Gypsy Horses.

The main reason for the different names is strictly due to the different registries in America, but these horses are all the same wonderful breed no matter what you wish to call them, and they are wonderful to own.

What disciplines are Gypsy Horses used for?

The Gypsy Horse has been bred and raise as mainly driving horses in Europe where they are still used today for driving drays, carts and carriages. Gypsy Horses are considered a trotting horse, and can trot long distances while pulling a wagon or cart. Gypsy Horses do make good riding horses for anything from English to Western events. Some are more uphill built and make better English hunter jumpers, or even dressage, while others are more animated and higher stepping horses and make great showy driving horses. So basically, Gypsy Horses are very versatile and do many things. They have a temperament that is calm, cool, and collected and they are willing to please.

Can a Gypsy Horse handle extreme hot or cold Temperatures?

I get this question a lot. The answer is Yes. Just like any horse, they learn to adapt to their environment. Though Gypsy Horses have long hair in Europe and in winter, they do shed and slick out like all other horses breeds in the summer. Like with any horse, in extreme heat, you would want to work them lighter and give them plenty of access to water, and let them rest regular when working hard. Like any other horse breed, it would be a good idea to provide shelter no matter what the environment to help them shield from cold winds, hot sun, and relief from pests.

What is a Gypsy Horse Cross?

Crossing breeding a purebred Gypsy Horse to a different breed of Feathered Draft horse, the offspring are called “Drum Horse.?A “Grand Vanner?is a just another fancy name for a “Drum Horse?through GVHS registry.

Cross breeding a Gypsy Horses to an Friesian, Arabian, Thoroughbred, Warmblood, or any other type of athletic horse breed can produce flashy colored and more muscular and powerful “Gypsy Sport Horses.?br />

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